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Hazardous Combustible Gas Detectors - Hazardous Toxic Gas Leak Detection

We Manufacture a Full Range of Hazardous Toxic Gas Leak Detection and Approved ClF3 SiH2Cl2 Si2H6 H202 Systems, Commercial Hydrogen Selenide Systems

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Toxic Gas Leak Detectors

Gas Detection Specialists

We have over a quarter-century of hands-on experience engineering, designing, installing, and maintaining toxic and explosive gas detection systems. Our detectors work for years even decades to safeguard your company and your customers from the dangers of toxic and explosive gases.

Weve worked with hundreds of companies all over the world. Now wed like to work with you!

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Featured Gas Detector Products

A stand-alone infrared point combustible gas detector, constructed of 316 stainless steel it is explosion proof certified with an industry standard 4-20 mA analog output.
The SEC 3100 is a universal transmitter used with both SEC 3000 Gas Detectors and SEC Millenium Infrared Gas Detectors.
An explosion proof gas detector with a 4-20 mA output and an RS-485 digital output. Optional display and relay outputs provide a simple solution for hazardous gas detection projects.
The SEC 3100 DIN Controller provides interface capabilities for the SEC 3000 and SEC Millenium Infrared Gas Detectors.
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Hazardous Toxic Gas Leak Detection Applications

Items Related to Hazardous Toxic Gas Leak Detection

Printing Industry, Ammunition Industry, Refrigeration Applications, Waste Disposal And Processing, Parking Garages, Loading Stations, Battery Rooms, Risk Management, Fertilizer Industry, Sterilization Chambers, Employee Exposure Monitoring, Steel Mills, Chemical Plants, Paint Industry, Storage Tank Farms, Water Treatment Plants, Plants, Natural Gas Piplines, Indoors, Emission Control

Our Gas Detection Products offer the following features:

    Long Life Electrochemical Sensors
    Non-intrusive Calibration
    Ventless Gas Analyzers
    Accuracy In Low Temperature Applications
    Capable Of Continuous Monitoring For Gas Vapors
    Gas Free Calibration
    RS485 Modbus RTU Communcations
    Straight Optical Path Eliminates The Need For Reflective Surfaces
    Virtually Maintenance Free
    Stand Alone Gas Detector With 4-20 MA Output
    Communcation I/O, RS485
    Low Power Consumption
    Multi-beam Sensing Technology (Patent Pending)
    DIN Rail Or Panel Mounted Controller
    User Friendly, One Person Calibration
    Continual Self-diagnostics
    Multi Port Housing For Easy Installation
    Remote Web Access And Control Facility
    Back Lighted LCD Display
    Pushbutton Programming

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